Kids Parties

Fused glass making parties for children.

I cater for ages 6yrs +

£22 per child. 

Minimum of 7 children, max of 10.

One or 2 grownups to stay and supervise please!

Please bring along your own refreshments, and take any rubbish away with you.

The children will have an hour and a half of glass making, using a variety of techniques.

With the option for 30min at the end of the party for cake and snacks. 

Please make sure you are tidied and packed up by the end of the 30 min!

The glass is fired and ready for collection one week later.

The birthday boy/girl can choose the theme of the party, in the past we have made... Harry Potter Potion Bottles, Unicorns, Stegosaurus, Rainbows, Zebras, Dogs, Lamas, mirror frames, Fish, the list goes on....

Just give me a couple of weeks to work on the design ... I do like a challenge!

Contact me on

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